Buying Your Property in Spain

During the last years there has not been any increase in the price of property in Andalucía, in fact the latest research is showing a 20% decrease in the price of new build and 12% in second hand homes since July 2007.

Promoters are offering very good deals and private owners are listening to reasonable offers.

At propertysearchspain.com we are of the opinion that the time to buy is now.

Within the next twelve months we will see the effect of new Spanish government legislations aimed at reducing the number of unsold new homes by allowing young Spanish couples to enter into the property market and take advantage of huge tax incentives and a lower rate of interest.

The above measures, coupled with a drastic slow down in new construction as well as stricter laws as to where and how building is allowed to take place, will soon lead to a shortage of new homes, and as the demand increases prices will inevitably go up.

Remember that the sun has not left Spain, the food and wine are still as good and the infrastructure is getting better (Málaga – Madrid in less than three hours by high speed train) but most important of all is the fact that “life is what happens around you whilst you are busy making plans for the future”.

So if you want a good quality of life in the sun, come and see what the market has got to offer, you may discover that you can afford it now.

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