About Us

www.propertysearchspain.com is owned by Piero Repetto and Niki Taylor. We specialise in residential and commercial properties in the Guadalhorce valley and selected areas of the Costa del Sol.

Piero is also a partner in Servicios Inmobiliarios Alhaurín S.L. and Cumbres Altas de Coín S.L. two medium size property companies which own residential urban and commercial land in the Málaga province.

Niki after a successful career with Aer Lingus and then as a TEFL teacher, decided to leave sunny Ireland and join her parents on the Costa del Sol. Her language skills and open personality helped her to get a job with a Real Estate company. In a very short time she was managing it, with considerable success, until deciding on a career break in order to have children.

The company was born not only out of the vast experience of the two owners but also out of the conviction that things are not currently as bad as they are made out to be. The difficulties in obtaining credit finances have reduced the number of buyers but at the same time increased the choice of properties at competitive prices on the market, and finances are still available to bona fide clients.

If anything the present situation has helped to weed out the unscrupulous pushy sales people who had entered into our profession looking for quick money with no regard for their clients’ interests.

Our aim is to look after our clients in every aspect of the purchase and to ensure that whatever they buy the transaction takes place efficiently and is trouble free.

One has to go back to the early 90s to find as good a time to buy as now and of course now we have a much better infrastructure, better quality of life in every possible respect and far better opportunities.

There will be others working with us in the near future and they will of course be introduced, but for the time being when you come to see us you will have to put up with the two of us.